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AcarZero™ CLIP is the ideal solution for effectively countering dust mites within a limited zone; it is atoxic, environmentally- friendly dust mite controller device that effectively counters the dust mites without the use of any potentially harmful chemicals or biocides.

Thanks to the original clip it can be easily attached to cradles and children’s beds, curtains or simply set on a dresser or even installed inside a car. AcarZero™ CLIP has a coverage of approximately 3 metres.
Category: Anti DUST MITES
AcarZero™ is a university-tested dust mite controller that comes in many versions. It is an exceptional aid in fighting dust mites and related allergies. AcarZero™ employs ultrasound technology, guaranteeing complete elimination while being totally safe for humans and household pets. AcarZero™ eliminates the dust mite concentration in mattresses, pillows and the general home environment without using any potentially harmful chemicals, creating a healthy, purified environment over time.
Weight: g 42
Dimensions: cm 2,8 x 6,3 x 1,8
Battery: non replaceable - it will last about 10 months
Coverage: approximately 3 metres

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