About Us

myrerum.com is the new e-commerce portal of Savifin.it, the top Italian operator in relation to the type of products sold and handled.All products that can be purchased on the site are owned by Savifin Srl, so the highest quality guarantee can be backed up by a full-spectrum assistance service.

Founded in 2017, today we’re one of the top Italian e-tailers in the sector.

Putting the customer centre stage. myrerum.com assists customers throughout every step of the order until the product is delivered. myrerum.com is committed to meeting its customers’ needs without ever losing sight of its vocation for excellence.

A vast range of products offered and a constantly updated catalogue mean that myrerum.com is the portal where every customer can find the most suitable product for their requirements.

myrerum.com offers its users only products from the top manufacturers on the market, guaranteeing reliability and quality. With careful attention always paid to the latest technological advances.

Where your needs are born.