Product's effectiveness

Ultrasound waves are harmless vibrations of the air, similar to sound, that have nothing in common with the harmful electromagnetic radiations emitted, for example, by mobile telephones.

A study performed at the University of Camerino has shown that the AcarZero™ electronic dust mite controller is completely safe for humans and household pets. This study has confirmed its effectiveness in environments known to have dust mites — reducing their concentration and with it the production of harmful allergens — and, when installed in a healthy environment, prevents them from colonizing the area.

The mechanical sound waves emitted are sounds in the 40,000 Hz frequency range which cannot be perceived by the human ear but which are quite disturbing to the dust mites; they interfere with their breeding and feeding cycles, significantly reducing the population and, with it, the quantity of allergy-causing droppings.

“Confined spaces such as the home, office or business environment lends itself to the development of arthropod populations, the cause of respiratory pathologies. This is the case of the mites of the genus Dermatophagoides, the so-called “Dust mites”, […] living in mattresses, pillows, quilts, but also on floors, carpets and rugs […]”

“The dust mite controlling activity of AcarZero™ was tested on a sample of dust drawn from normal homes […]”

“The results obtained after running for 90 days shows that AcarZero™ drastically reduced dust mite concentrations in all samples of dust examined” “AcarZero™ proved able to alter dust mite breeding and feeding, thus interfering with reproduction in general and leading to a significant reduction in the number of parasites in the environment […]”

With its triple action of sterilisation, beating and vacuum suction with calibrated power, Aspirac™ by AcarZero™ the portable sleeper-vacuum device keeps the mattress clean and hygienic, effectively preventing the action of dust mites, a major factor in countering allergies, without the use of chemicals.

The UV-C germicidal lamp, with safety switch, neutralises germs, bacteria and dust mites; combined with the sleeper-vacuum system, it maintains maximum mattress hygiene.

Aspirac™ by AcarZero™ captures and eliminates from the mattress, dust mites and all organic and inorganic particles over 0.3 micron (3 thousandths of a millimetre) in size. Using Aspirac™ by AcarZero™ keeps the specific properties of the mattress intact, preventing damage and deterioration.

Aspirac™ by AcarZero™ has two suction systems based on a cyclone action with calibrated power: on the front, with rotating brush, and on the side with an opening with bristles. It is lightweight and easy to use thanks to its ergonomic, compact and practical shape, coming complete with shoulder strap.

Its HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) certified filter is a high efficiency anti-particulate filter that can be washed and reused.

Aspirac™ by AcarZero™ requires no maintenance and has no additional costs, being bag free. It can be easily opened and removed from the dust cup, which is completely washable, thus guaranteeing maximum hygiene.
It is versatile: it can be used effectively also to sanitise and clean objects that tend to harbour dust mites, places like fabric sofas, furry toys and books.