Designed and manufactured exclusively for AcarZero™ ACTIV™ dust mite preventing hypo-allergenic pillow and for dust mite preventing AcarZero™ CASE pillowcase of tightly woven, hypo-allergenic fabric with special three-dimensional volumetric strips and side pocket to hold the device.

AcarZero™ PILLOW is a battery-powered device that effectively counters the dust mites in pillows, possible cause of respiratory allergies, without using potentially harmful chemicals or biocides.

Once activated, the non-replaceable internal lithium battery will last about 10 months.

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AcarZero™ is a university-tested dust mite controller that comes in many versions. It is an exceptional aid in fighting dust mites and related allergies. AcarZero™ employs ultrasound technology, guaranteeing complete elimination while being totally safe for humans and household pets.

AcarZero™ eliminates the dust mite concentration in mattresses, pillows and the general home environment without using any potentially harmful chemicals, creating a healthy, purified environment over time.

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