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Topper with superior and unique performance.

Made with very thick three-layer padding. Upper layer in Renergie™ Fiber technology with nano particles capable of increasing cellular oxygenation and the metabolic activity of the tissues combined with Relastic™ Fiber with exceptional elasticity and resilience performances.

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Trycel™ SmartClima™ self-modeling and thermoregulating viscoelastic memory foam layer with micro-spheres that absorb and disperse heat depending on external thermal stress and greater or lesser body temperature.
Top cover in innovative stretch fabric with inserts in Carbon wire to absorb the electrostatic charges accumulated by the body during the day and create a barrier effect against electromagnetic pollution. On the underside, a special 3D fabric with high breathability.
Rest HyPlus closed embroidery quilting that enhances and widens the level of softness and comfort of the innovative and technological fibers used.
It is dry cleanable.
Thickness approx. 6/8 cm.

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Weight 2,2 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 102 cm

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