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Air-conditioned topper with unparalleled comfort.

Made with exclusive Simmons Microfill Silver ™ five-layer padding of the highest quality. The central part is in technological fiber composed of multi-cable staple with high resilience and thermoregulating action, enclosed on both sides by layers in Soft Touch microfibre containing silver ion-release zeolites that protect against the absorption of static energy.

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The outer layers are in cashmere on one side and linen on the other, to provide the most appropriate thermal comfort according to the season.
Upholstery fabric, soft and comfortable, jacquard worked, on both sides.
Traditional RestPro volumizing quilting designed to increase the softness of the padding.
It is dry cleanable.
Thickness approx. 6/8 cm.

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Weight 2,2 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 102 cm

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