What are ultrasounds

Ultrasound waves are harmless vibrations of the air, similar to sound, that have nothing in common with the harmful electromagnetic radiation emitted, for example, by mobile telephones.

Ultrasound consists of mechanical sound waves that saturate rooms, propagating in all directions, reaching even the most remote and inaccessible spaces.

Unlike what is defined as sound, ultrasound has frequencies higher than those perceived by the human ear.

In fact, as its very name indicates, ultrasound is beyond (ultra) sound, where sound is taken to mean audible frequencies only. Ultrasound has found and continues to find applications in medicine and this technology has recently also been used in pest and parasite control.

The technologies available for the generation and use of ultrasound ensure absolute control and consequent safety for humans and pets in close contact with them.

Ultrasound is generated through extremely safe and controlled processes and systems that constantly meet the requirement of reaching the frequency range in which the ultrasound signal is to be positioned. Once the range has been reached and established and the ultrasound has been sampled, the signal obtained will be almost perfectly reproducible whenever the need arises.

The ULTRASOUNDtech™ devices are the results of studies and research conducted on medical equipment.

The effectiveness of the ULTRASOUNDtech™ systems was tested at the Science Laboratories of the University of Camerino, which certified their success in the fight against pests and parasites and the absolute safety for humans and household pets.